10 years experience in various film making roles.
20 years consulting experience with digital video and post production technology.


1998 to present
Founder and Principal

This company offers my freelance production services, and those of my regular crewmembers.

Boardmember at Large and Programs Chairperson

TIVA-DC, or the Television, Internet and Video Association of Washington DC is a professional non-profit organization of video and film professionals in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Boardmembers are unpaid volunteers, elected by the membership at large.

My work in the organization consists of developing a program of meetings that serve the membership with updated technical and business information in all aspects of film making. In addition I author articles for the asociation newsletter and serve as a technical panelist from time to time.

Digital Cinema Review
Founded 2009
Editor in Chief

I founded this magazine website to provide unbiased technical reviews and detailed technical opinion on camera, lighting, post and effects products intended for use in digital cinema.

Clapboy Films
Fall 2008 to Present
Cinematographer and Consultant

I advise Clapboy Films senior management on all aspects of film making, and serve as the director of photography and principal camera operator.

AI Consulting
Chief Scientist and Technology Consultant

At this general research and consulting firm I engaged in scientific research and technology consulting in a wide array of areas, from aerospace engineering to emerging Internet and digital video technology. Specific to digital video I installed and integrated a variety of early NLE and 3D modeling/rendering applications for clients.

I attended Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University where I pursued a quadruple major in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.


  • American Society of Cinematographers, lifetime friend
  • Digital Cinema Society
  • Television, Internet and Video Association of Washington DC (TIVA-DC)
  • Internet Society
  • Foresight Institute
  • Bio-Computing Interest Group at NIH (BCIG)

Additional Experience

24 years experience as a computer consultant in a variety of roles including systems administration, systems selection and rollout, programmer/analyst, program manager, education and training director and support engineering.

Two years working with NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program. The objective of this program was to develop new and unique means of propulsion and power sources. This literally included examining the possibility of real world warp drives.

Production Experience

This list is not complete.


Production Company

Judas Kiss

2010 Feature Film
Sound Mixer, Add'l Unit DP/Operator Blue Seraph Productions
Post Production

Starship: Polaris

2009- Feature/Series Pilot
Director of Photography United Worlds Pictures
In production, filming from 11/2009

Star Trek Phase 2: Origins

2010 TV series, High Definition
Director of Photography Retro Film Studios
Post Production 2010 shoot

Eric Voegelin: The Philosopher of Consciousness

2010 Biographical Documentary, NTSC
Online Editor, Colorist Brendan Walsh
Delivered for DVD mastering

Surface Decoration: Suede to Leatherhand

2009 High Definition
Online Editor Kristen Kieffer Ceramics
Released, available on DVD

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

2009- TV series, High Definition
Director of Photography Retro Film Studios
In production

Star Trek Phase 2: Kitumba

2009 Internet TV series, RED One
Director of Photography Retro Film Studios
Post Production, filmed June 1 to 15 2009.

Seven Colors

2009 Feature Film, RED One
Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, Associate Producer Clapboy Films
In Production.

Star Trek Phase 2: The Child

2008-2009 Internet TV series, High Definition
2nd Unit Director of Photography, 1st AC (Main Unit), Digital Ingest Lead Retro Film Studios
Post Production

Citrix GoToMyPC

2008 TV Commercial, High Definition
Director of Photography, Digital Ingest Lead, Digital Compositing and Coloring Citrix Corporation
Interview of Professor Hamid
Videographer and post transcoding
Sudanese National TV & The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
Delivered for national broadcast

Star Trek Phase 2: Enemy, Starfleet

2008-2009 Internet TV series, High Definition
Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 1st AC (some segments), Digital Ingest Lead Retro Film Studios
Post Production
Star Trek Phase 2: Blood and Fire
June 2007 to July 2008
Internet TV two part episode, High Definition
2nd Unit Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Lighting Technician, Digital Compositor
Retro Film Studios
Starship Farragut: For Want of a Nail
Video TV episode
Camera Operator, lighting technician. (shipboard segments)
Farragut Films
Released to DVD
Video Short
Writer, Director, Actor, Edit, CG, compositing
Submitted for consideration,
Unwelcome Matt
Video Short
Director, DP, Camera, Editor
Submitted for competition
RoboBusiness 2005
Video Presentation
Limited web release
RoboNexus 2004
Video Documentary
Colorectal Cancer Network Awards
Award presentation & interview
Videographer, 3D modeling, CG, Editor
Colorectal Cancer Network
Delivered Betacam & VHS for live playback
Botball 2003
Video Documentary
Videographer, CG & Editor
Completed, released VHS & DVD
Newtek Logo
3D animated logo
Modeling, CG, Editing
Video Training
Videographer, Editor and Visual Effects
Capaso Casino
Released for International Sale on VHS and DVD
Botball 2002
Video Documentary
Videographer & Editor
Released for sale on VHS and DVD
Moon Over Buffalo
Video - Stage Production
Videographer, CG & editor

U.S.F.S.A. South Atlantic Regional Championship
Video Documentary
Zenera Productions
Sailor Come Home
Video Feature
Director of Photography
James Gibson Productions
Unfinished and Unreleased
Botball 2001
Video Short Documentary
Videographer, CG, Music & Editor
Released for the Internet


  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Camera Operatior
  • Steadicam/Glidecam Use
  • Lighting
  • Sound Recording
  • Color Correction/Digital Intermediate
  • Digital Compositing
  • 3D Modeling and animation
  • Production Management
Post Production Software Skills
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Apple Color
  • BlackMagic/DaVinci Resolve
  • RedCine, RedCine X
  • Apple/Nothing Real Shake
  • The Foundry Nuke
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Motion
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Newtek Lightwave
  • Luxology Modo
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Apple Logic
  • Apple Soundtrack Pro
  • Apple DVD Studio Pro

Camera Experience
  • RED Camera systems and workflow
  • Panasonic P2 Systems (Including AG-HVX200, AJ-HPX-3700 (Varicam), AJ HPX-170, HPX-500, & AJ-HPX2000)
  • Sony XDCAM EX (PMW-350, EX-1 and EX-3)
  • Sony HDCAM Systems (Including F900 and F23)
  • HD DSLR camera systems
  • HDV camera systems
  • DV and DVCPRO cameras
  • 35mm lens systems, including PL mount and SLR lenses
Cinema Grade Cameras (TIVA DC May 2008 Newsletter, not available online)
The DV Tape FAQ
XL1 vs the PD150